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Handover Ceremony Report

Kia ora fellow T@12ers, At the meeting today, Richard talked about the breaks that he experienced while 11, 13 & 16 years old; his left wrist, his right wrist and both his legs. Ouch! Ruth evaluated Richard superbly with great commendations and thoughtful recommendations. Co-Chairs Marian and Marianna set our theme of tolerance. Our Grammarian […]

2020 Division G and Division H Clubs

Below, FYI, are the clubs that make up both Division G and H as approved by the District 72 conference in Duneden. G3 remains unchanged: FearBusters, Terrace@12, Te Puni KĊrero(TPK), Five Crowns, MBIE It is likely that member will come across thee other cubs during the Club Leaders Training (CLT) which are expected to be […]

Congratulations Paula – Toastmaster of the day

Congratulations Paula – Toastmaster of the day

“Today’s meeting was about trying new things and focusing on evaluations.  The ‘one and only Thomas’ began the meeting with an insightful personal story and did well to keep the meeting to time, despite a packed schedule.Paula gave us a great speech on how to evaluate.  With some great visuals she gave us all something […]

A very sharp meeting…

“Kia ora Fellow T@12ers Ruth ran a very sharp meeting today and was very generous with her comments and advice, thanks Ruth! Pauline started the prepared speeches with a historical walk around the city in 20 second chunks. Bevan followed up with three suggestions for conflict resolution. And, Chris concluded the prepared speeches by telling […]