A self improvement symposium could not have done better than we did with the Area G3 International Speech Contest, for the speakers were uplifting and challenging us to overcome fears, become better people, kinder people with their multi-dimensional content and brave, vivid, and compelling deliveries that had the power to effect they way think and even live our lives.

The speakers were so charged with energy and dynamism as pushing public speaking skill to personal limits is what happens in a speech contest. Where a level playing field is created for the divining of winners.

Five competitors came, the best and most able from the great clubs of Area G3, namely:

  • Moumita Jamindar-Arnold representing Te Puni Korero Toastmasters
  • Hazel Bidmead representing Terrace@12 Toastmasters
  • Colleen Daymond-King representing MBIE Toastmasters 
  • Daryl Burian representing Fearbusters Toastmasters
  • Raymond Kemp representing 5 Crowns Toastmasters

“Poverty – a social curse” was Moumita’s speech, in which we were reminded of the sadness that poverty brings and the hope that helping alleviate it engenders.

“Fuel that fire” was Hazel’s speech, turning “lone nuts” into leaders by helping others to follow their examples.

“One Step Forwards”, diminishing our fears by taking onestep forwards towards our fear, was Colleen’s speech.

“Skin in the game”, taking the travails of overcoming chronic redraw all-of-body eczema to reveal the power of change of habits have on life, was Daryl’s candid speech.

“The Smaller the Kingdom, the harsher the Ruler” was the setting for Raymond’s lessons for dealing with outdated command and control leadership.

Judges headed up by Chief Judge Ruth Fletcher had it seemed to all a hard time in their deliberations over the winners. But winners there were, since finding the best is what the contest is about, as is sending them on their way to the Division G contests on 16th of March at Lifepoint Church, 61 Hopper Street, Mt. Cook, Wellington.

Erin Daldry Division G director helped hand out the winner’s certificates:

Erin with 3rd place Colleen Daymond-King
Erin with 2nd place Hazel Bidmead
Erin with 1st place Daryl Burian
Chris Ashley (contest chair), Erin Daldry (Division G director), 1st Daryl Burian, 2nd Hazel Bidmead, 3rd Colleen Daymond-King