In today’s Table Topic’s competition, we have heard the ways that our Toastmasters spend spare time. Some say they don’t have any.

If you are like this writer and inclined to wasting your spare time or even find time passing slowly I recommend that you join this group of people. Their variety of interests and activities when they leave their offices is staggering.

Congratulations to our winner Peter our Club Table Topics Winner who’s spare time is spent with animals who depend on him and young people both delightfully described.

The Toastmasters who shared their spare time interests with us for the competition were (in speaking order):

2016-07-03 13.50.57

  • Peter Scholtens
  • Rose Austen-Falloon
  • Chris Ashley
  • Ben Gurton
  • Grace Xu

Pauline Gallaga skillfully chaired the meeting, she also gave the club visitors from 5 Crowns, Toast Health, and Toast Police a challenge with her spare competition questions. The three winners were present their certificate’s by Shagen Ganason our enthusiastic Area E4 Director:

2016-07-03 13.57.57

  • 1st Peter Scholtens
  • 2nd Rose Austen-Falloon
  • 3rd Chris Ashley