“Kia ora Fellow T@12ers

Ruth ran a very sharp meeting today and was very generous with her comments and advice, thanks Ruth! Pauline started the prepared speeches with a historical walk around the city in 20 second chunks. Bevan followed up with three suggestions for conflict resolution. And, Chris concluded the prepared speeches by telling a story about rainbows, sugar mountains, damsels in distress, heroes and dragons. Yahoo!

Peter, Hazel and Suzanne gave wonderful evaluations. Grace brought something new to table topics with multichoice questions and analytics. Visitor Vishnu, Richard and Bevan answered their multichoice questions and were rewarded with personality profile suggestions.

Brad brought something new to the Grammarian role making Donald Trump the words of the day. Mariana gave a very thorough timer’s report and Thomas’ General Evaluation was packed with suggestions. He even had one for Peter! Awesome Thomas! He ended by awarding Hazel the Toastmaster of the Day. 

It was a session of fresh new approaches to our routine agenda items which I am convinced ended in new growth, new learning, new development and added confidence.

General Business

  1. Club fees are due at the end of this month.
  2. The Division G conference is this Saturday at LifePoint Church. If you would like to attend make sure you register via the email link I sent you.

If I don’t see you at the Div G conference I will see you at next week’s meeting.”

Zaine Mitchell – Terrace@12 President