Hello all Members
We had our last meeting for 2011 on 7 Dec. It was a great meeting, we had Paula completing her 8th project on Green House building. It seems that Mayfair House is definitely not one of them. So if you are working in Mayfair take care to go out to enjoy the summer sun or just the pleasant warm moist breeze 🙂
Peter S was presented with the Table Topics presentation Award. The contest was held in August, and the award was introduced since 2010 to encourage participation and recognise our member’s contributions.
Tonde conducted an excellent Table topics session on Xmas. We heard different aspects about Xmas. However, he managed to stun me with a googly. First he asked for volunteers and then when I did he asked me “Why I volunteered”? I was absolutely clueless as I was expecting a question on Xmas.
We have closed early this year as there were no meeting rooms available in Mayfair House for next week, and we were short of time in arranging an alternative meeting place outside. Although we have closed early, we will take your time and request you to fill a survey for us. The survey is about you, finding out your goals, expectations, and what you like about the club and what you don’t like. We have conducted similar surveys in the past and find it is an excellent tool to understand our member’s needs.
We will have our first meeting in the new year on Wednesday, 18 January. The schedule will be confirmed at a later email.
Thank you all. It has been a great year at Toastmasters, some fantastic speeches and evaluations. Looking forward in the new year to more speech contests, succession plan for next year’s committee and more educations.
Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.
Have a pleasant break!
Cheers Ratna