“Congratulations to Hazel the Winner of the Terrace@12 Humorous Speech Contest 2018
We all enjoy a good laugh. Don’t we?
Humor is the quickest way to connect with others and an excellent way to connect when speaking to a group.
Its not about telling a jokes and it comes in many forms self directed, situational or by observation.

Today Hazel explained how something so smoky and sultry as Latin American dancing could be reduced to two ungraceful words ‘Donkey Pineapple’ to help beginners learn their steps. Grace has a son who can sleep anytime anywhere and in some unique positions. Nicole transported us around the globe to explain some of the amusing situations and differences between American English and Kiwi we now understand lost in translation.

A huge thanks to all participants for taking the time to prepare and deliver these amusing speeches enjoyed by an appreciative audience.

If you would like to learn more about the skill of being humorous and getting it right without being a bore come and join us at toastmasters.” — John Stapleton

John(Chair) Hazel 1st, Grace 2nd, Nicole 3rd