Today’s meeting went very well. Having Gael along was great, she did an awesome job as GE, providing some very valuable feedback, especially towards Ruth, whom for some us can be difficult to know what to say.

Anna, is similarly extremely skilled, almost frighteningly so. The way she handled Sean’s Table Topic Session question of how to respond to a board, after the boys on a school trip were hand out booze to drink was phenomenal.

Likewise Daryl our gest was extremely skilled, when asked to give reasons why school boys should go on strike.

Barret was then, I think, inspired by them and gave his best evaluation ever.

Jane followed me with her presentations; she makes you want to listen with voice, and took every one an intellectually stimulating intro section upon the state of mind of an explorer.

My Interpersonal Communication session on coaching went well I think. I had people laughing during the description of coaching, using a character call Joe whom worked in a button factory, which Pauline liked, as the project details as set could bore an audience very quickly.