Terrace@12 Toastmasters

Meeting Agenda


St Andrews conference Centre on The Terrace – access north side of Church


Wednesday 20 August 2014


Chair: Peter Scholtens
Timekeeper: Brett Woods
Speakers: Daryl Pettitt, Barret Chin
Available Andre, Bharath, Evans, Jane, Krys, Sean, Simon
Apologies: Amjid, Andrew, Anil, Hugh, Zaine
Potential guests: George, Elaine, Teresa and Gretchen


Time Activity G Y R Speaker
12:01 ChairOpening and welcome 1 2 Peter
12:02 Grammarian 1 2  
12:05 Introduction of Speaker #1 1 2 Pauline
12:07 Speaker #1 – Ice Breaker speech

“Introduce yourself to the Club”

4 5 6 Daryl
12:14 Introduction of Speaker #2 1 2 Ruth
12:16 Speaker #2 – Assignment One Advanced manual “Speeches by Management”

“The Briefing”






12:23 Table Topics Master (up to 4 speakers – timing per speech) 1 Anna
12:37 Evaluation of Speaker #1 2 3 Pauline
12:40 Evaluation of Speaker #2 2 3 Ruth
12:44 Evaluation – Table Topics 2 3 4 Marion
12:48 Grammarian report 2 3  
12:51 General Business 2 3 Evans
12:54 Timer – Report   1 2 Brett
12.56 General Evaluation 3 4 Chris
12:58 Meeting close 1 2 Peter



Speakers:       remember to bring your Competent Communicator’s Manual

All:                   please bring your Competent Leader’s Manuals










Terrace @12 Toastmasters V.05     TT contest    
DATE   6-Aug-14 13-Aug-14 20-Aug-14 27-Aug-14
Members Email        
Amjid Qureshi amjid.qureshi@provoke.co.nz x x x  
Andre Visser andre.visser@police.govt.nz EV2      
Andrew Neal andrew.neal@epa.govt.nz x x x  
Anil Muringathery muringathery@gmail.com Chair     SP1
Anna McKinlay anna.mckinlay@clear.net.nz SP1   TTM Timer
Barret Chin barret_chin@paradise.net.nz TTM   SP1 Chair
Bharath Donepudi bharath.donepudi@gmail.com SP2      
Brett Woods Brett.Woods@comcom.govt.nz EV3   Timer  
Chris  Ashley Chris.Ashley@rbnz.govt.nz     GE EV3
Evans Chogumaira evans.chogumaira@transpower.co.nz Timer     EV2
Hugh Dixon hugh.dixon@berl.co.nz x   x SP2
Jane Warman janekcwarman@gmail.com     Chair  
Krys Honey Krysia.HONEY@corrections.govt.nz        
Marion Pawson marionpawson@gmail.com SP3   TTE  
Pauline Gallagher paulinemg@xtra.co.nz GE   EV3  
Peter Scholtens peter.scholtens@mpi.govt.nz EV1     SP3
Ruth Fletcher ruth.fletcher@xtra.co.nz     EV1 GE
Sean Torley sean.torley@minedu.govt.nz     SP2  
Simon Shepherd simon_shepherd@bnz.co.nz TTE     EV1
Stephen Hilson steve@visual-e.com     SP3 TTM
Zaine Mitchell zainem@hotmail.com     EV2 TTE






Mentoring The club has a mentoring program running – ask VP membership for information on how to participate in the programme:  get a mentor or even become a mentor!

The mentoring programme is open to all members. It helps us achieve our goals faster smoother with:

–   The benefit of skills, knowledge and experience of others

–   Regular opportunities for one-on-one feedback

–   Mentoring is available to members at any stage

–          A focus on your personal development and achievement of career aspirations

–          How to use feedback from evaluations profitably

–   Starting with Toastmasters

–       Partway through the speech projects

–          Working with the Competent Leadership manual

–          Taking on club officer role


Advanced manuals

The club has a full set of advanced manuals. Members who have recently completed their CC manuals can borrow advanced manuals then replace when their kits arrive from Toastmasters International.