Find a mentor:
Have a mentor for the role and ensure it is someone who was a President’s Distinguished club president as they know what success looks like. (your mentor does not have to be from your club). We should all have a mentor/s.

Stretch your wings:
Join a second club, this adds so much value to your learning along with giving you so many ideas to bring back to your club.

Know your club:
Have a Moments of Truth session in your club as soon as possible and have it run by an outsider as they can provide a better perspective of certain elements than a member can – this person does need to be someone who knows what they are doing.

Ask the right question:
Rather than asking “what is in it for me”, ask “what is it I am bringing to the table”.

Plan for success:
Complete a club success plan from the club leadership handbook as having clear goals and plans promotes success, as does having your successor in mind now.